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Hello, I'm Felipe Miranda, photographer, artist and educator. I worked for many years as an art director in agencies around Brazil and after years I decided to dedicate myself to my vocation, photography and that changed my whole story. I've been working in photography for 10 years, and it was here that I found my purpose in life. I am pleased to have my beloved and talented wife Renata Miranda by my side as a photographer, a privilege for few. Our work was born out of our passion, our experiences, our long journey that made us and makes us evolve day after day.

Photography has taken us to places we never imagined knowing, meeting incredible people and beautiful cultures around the world, an experience that will never be taken from us. We traveled through 14 countries recording love, each look and touch full of feeling and meaning. We are in the world ranking of the 20 best photographers in the world, among the three best photographers in Portugal and the best in Europe. We received an international new photographer nomination in 2019, we have over 150 award-winning photos around the world, see more about it here.

As a couple we always believe in and support the idea of ​​getting married and building your family, because in a family you find everything and feel complete, the family is our most precious asset. A year ago our first child Arthur was born and with him was born a love that we had never lived and experienced in our life. We are passionate about the family we form, the history we have built and we know there is still a lot to come.

Our look at recording each wedding begins with uniting sensitivity, emotions and movement, always translating into an exclusive work of art for each couple, as we believe there is no better way to honor one of the best days of their lives. With total delivery from both parties, together with each couple we create something unique, with a lot of personality, creativity and full of feeling, we find a better version of ourselves at every click.

We currently live in Porto, where we photograph weddings and families, not just in Portugal but all over the world. there is no limit



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